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How Brand24 uses ClickMeeting Webinars (case study)

What are product demo webinars and why are they important? Why is a well-educated client much more likely to stay with you for longer? Our friends from Brand24 explain it (and much more) in this video case study. Watch it now and get inspired by the best!

Episode 042: How to Go From Client Work to Online Courses Using Webinars with Nesha Woolery

Episode 042: How to Go From Client Work to Online Courses Using Webinars with Nesha Woolery Being a successful freelance designer doesn’t just come down to having great skills and a beautiful portfolio. You also need business smarts. That’s where Nesha comes in. Nesha teaches business strategy to freelance designers through her courses, member’s club …

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Online course for Educators: a set of webinars

This on-line course is designed for teachers who will use case-lessons in the format of teaching language courses for refugees in the camps of Austria and Germany. Since the study of English is compulsory in these camps, case-lessons will be used as teaching material in the format of these courses.

Nest Bank & ClickMeeting Case Study – How webinars make Nest Bank’s managers smile

How our friends at @NestBank managed to reduce their franchisee onboarding process from 2 weeks to 1 day? How did they cut off the nuisance of travel for training, and win back loads of time and money? Watch the story of how webinars can make executives smile.

Significant Problems Webinar: Communicating Cascadia’s Earthquake Possibility

Geoscience study is at the forefront of characterizing the earthquake threats linked with the Cascadia subduction zone in the Pacific Northwest. This webinar will notify listeners of the science and its implications for coverage choices and resiliency initiatives. Through the webinar, the a few presenters will give an overview of what we know about the …

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The Oral Presentation – EPSO Administrator (Ad) Evaluation Centre Webinar

Ended up you invited to the Asssessment Centre (AC) section of an EPSO Administrator (Ad) level of competition? Congratulations! Get an introduction to the EPSO Asessment Centre with tons of helpful guidelines with Online EU Training’s webinars. We address all evaluation center parts: situation examine, oral presentation, team exercising and the structured interview. A lot …

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