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Budgeting 101: Can I Afford That? | Webinars by SPE | Jeremy Dworshak

What’s your salary requirement? Then, how do you know you’ll make enough?! You’re nearing graduation; Yeah! Cannot wait to start getting multiple job offers; double Yeah! Now you have multiple job offers; oh Crap! How do you choose which one to pick; double Crap! Hopefully this webinar will help put some quantitative decision making around …

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WISE Webinar 2017-01: Make it Happen: The Ticket to Financial Freedom

Provided information on Ticket to Work and financial independence other topics, including: • Basic financial knowledge such as budgeting and expense tracking • Understanding tax benefits that may apply to you • Learning about asset building and how it can help you • Moderator: Ms. Nancy Boutot, MS, NDI Consulting • Presenters: – Ms. Elizabeth …

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Creating Your Roots: Obtaining Began With Financial Companies #GetSavvy Webinar Recording

Check YOUR Understanding. Take our quiz: go.uillinois.edu/EstablishingYourRootsQuiz Checking accounts, prepaid cards, debit cards, financial savings accounts and extra! Which financial tools are ideal for you? Now’s the time to study which financial tools can aid you transfer forward monetarily and aid you increase your funds. Behavioral economists have uncovered that psychological accounting – when you …

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