Speech about “mRΝΑ Vaccines” | IEEE DUTh Webinars

📌 About this event:
Taking into consideration the recent worldwide pandemic we are all going through, IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) DUTh SBC, organizes an online speech about “mRΝΑ Vaccines” , how they work and the clinical trials they go through, in cooperation with our speaker, Elena Giannouli.

More specifically, we will cover the sections concerning:
• What is mRΝΑ in Biology
• The development of mRΝΑ Vaccines for SARS-CoV-2
• What are exactly mRΝΑ Vaccines
• mRΝΑ Vaccine categories
• In which cases can mRΝΑ Vaccines be used
• Suggested mRΝΑ Vaccines
• How mRΝΑ Vaccines are manufactured
• How mRΝΑ Vaccines work against Covid – 19
• Clinical trials of mRΝΑ Vaccines
• mRΝΑ Vaccine advantages
• “Novavax”
• Conclusions
• Bibliography

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