Smart Buildings Power Hour: Opportunity & Market | AVIXA Webinars

In this introduction to our AVIXA POWER HOUR series on Smart Buildings, we’ll be talking about a new decade in smart building, and the opportunities for systems integrators, distributors, consultants, architects, and building owners.

Concentrating on in-building technologies, we’ll define the market– and share our experiences, insight and opportunities from real life examples.

In addition to traditional subjects, we’ll discuss emerging applications in space management, environmental monitoring, asset management, and cleanliness & hygiene management (offered as either standalone solutions or to augment existing building automation systems) for improved building sustainability.

Together, these new solutions will grow at 32% CAGR over the next 8 years to create US$2 billion in software and services revenues by 2026, according to ABI Research. Designed for newcomers as well as experienced, this session is an excellent opportunity to gain an overview and understanding of the market today.


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