Science of Leveraging Social Media and Free 'No Pitch' Webinars to Get Clients!!!

🔥Science of Leveraging Social Media and Free ‘No Pitch’ Webinars to Get Clients!!!

💲💲💲Need more clients and customers?? Duh!?!?! Who doesn’t?

In this episode of the Social Media Lab LIVE we’ll pick the brain of someone who’s been around social media marketing since MySpace was cool!

Casey Zeman will join Scott Ayres for some old school reminiscing and talk about how to use non-salesy webinars to get more 💲💲 in your bank account!

🔥Social Media Lab LIVE is hosted by Scott Ayres, the Content Scientist at the Social Media Lab ( www.agorapulselab.com ). It’s a weekly show where Scott talks about social media marketing with expert guests, and is always testing something!!!
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