Sapience Institute Launch & 35+ Free Webinars

Sapience Institute is officially launching with a series of over 35 free webinars to provide a compelling, convincing case for Islam and to empower and educate you to share the faith academically.

Topics include:

Atheism and God’s Existence
Revelation and Prophethood
Science, History and Philosophy
Christology and Religion
Empathy, Othering and Dehumanisation
And much more

The webinar instructors include:

Dr. Osman Latiff
Fahad Tasleem
Hamza Andreas Tzortzis
Mohammed Hijab
Subboor Ahmad
Adnan Rashid
Imran Hussein
Jamie Turner
Yusuf Ponders

For specific webinar titles, dates and times, and to register please visit:


All praise and gratitude belongs to Allah.