Recordings of My Webinars Are Now Available

There are 4 webinar recordings you’ll be able to get starting on May 15th. The 4 webinars are:

– How To Have An Effective First Date
– How To Write A Book
– How To Monetize A Blog
– How To Find A Profitable Niche For Your Business

I know in the video I said there would be a “link below” but the link isn’t ready yet so here’s the info:

Each webinar recording includes the full video of the webinar, a full transcript of the entire webinar in PDF format, the full webinar in audio format (MP3), and the “cheat sheet” that came with the webinar.

Each webinar recording, which includes all of the above, will be $77. There will be discounts if you get more than one and a huge discount if you get all four.

Available on May 15th! Go to www.calebjones.com for more details.

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