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Casey Zeman is a father of three and still growing his business faster than ever.   Casey is Founder and CEO of Easy Webinar, the only software platform that combines webinar technology and marketing strategy into one. He is a best selling author, podcast host, and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs create content that makes deep connections with their audience.

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We wanted to find out how Casey Zeman has managed to grow his business, the hacks he uses to reach his goals, and building a team that freed up his time. 

“I’ve had to let more things go… giving up control is difficult for control freaks and I consider myself one of them.” -Casey Zeman

Some Key Takeaways:

A daily schedule that juggles 3 kids while growing a business
A major factor to stop wasting your time
The 1 thing that will keep your team on track
Building a team to free up time (and double profits!)
A new content strategy to connect with customers
5 growth hacks to build a bridge to your goals
Instagram strategies for building a personal brand
How to hone your Social Blade
A new campaign that’s bringing influencers together
The 1% who can actually improve your software
Why you need alter-egos to tackle different situations

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