Polonium Webinars: Why Translating More than Once Matters?

“Why Translating More than Once Matters?” was the 10th event in the series of our Polonium Webinars. This inspiring lecture was given by our guest Dr Kasia Szymańska from Trinity College Dublin.


* * *
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Polonium Foundation decided to move the main Science: Polish Perspectives conference to the spring of 2021. Despite the circumstances, we would like to fulfill our mission and keep in contact with all the fantastic Polish researchers and their amazing projects. This is why we decided to start a series of webinars in the spirit of SPP – Polonium Webinars. Our free events take form of open online seminars, each of them centered around a different project led by renowned scientists who present their research from wide variety of disciplines: from humanities and social sciences to biomedicine and technology. Polonium Webinars aim to provide a platform for scientific discussions and give an opportunity to connect, regardless of where one is at the moment. We are planning to carry on the series through the whole year till the next SPP – and we hope many will join us in this wonderful journey through Polish research!
* * *
Polonium Foundation is an independent NGO which brings together students, researchers and people associated with science. We address the negative phenomenon of emigration of highly skilled Polish researchers – “brain drain” – and transform it into a favorable two-way flow of people and ideas – “brain circulation”. The Foundation’s activities are focused on linking and supporting Polish researchers working around the world, both in academia and R&D (research and development) sectors, as well as international researchers interested in research opportunities or collaborations with Poland. Regular contact and various types of initiatives have allowed the Foundation to build relationships with Polish scientific diaspora and many international scientists working in Poland and abroad.