Part 1 of the REAL Webinars on Oracle Cloud Native Application Development

Rolando Carrasco & Lucas Jellema – presenting part 1 in a six part series on Cloud Native Application Development with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). In this part an overview of OCI, an introduction of the Katacoda Handson Scenarios, an intro to the Preparation Scenario, details on the Compute Service and the Events & Notification Services. A short demo of the Preparation Scenario concludes the session.

0:00 Welcome
8:33 Who is REAL
10:49 Introduction of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
20:28 Object Storage
24:30 Preparation for the Handson Scenarios
30:21 Compute
42:00 Events & Notifications
50:13 Conclusion
51:51 Demo of Preparation Scenario
1:07:08 Goodbyes