PAGS Upcoming Webinars

Schools and teachers remain central to all learning taking place in the classroom. It is where we start. As school owners, you are instrumental in the delivery of PAGS for the children in your schools. This rewards school owners, teachers and support professionals, parents and, of course, the children.

September is round the corner and you are busy preparing for next academic year – you need to be ready for the first post-pandemic year. The competition for good schools will be intense this coming year.

Feliciea Jibson and Joseph Ajuwon experts in the field of neurodiversity and education, and passionate about improving the learning outcomes for learners in Africa have a way forward. This webinar organised by PAGS.
Register here:https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/163721173437

The webinar will guide you as a school, how you can differentiate yourself with in-coming parents and children by improving your brand over the holidays; partner with best-in-class PAGS experts; become a true ‘centre of excellence’ as you aim to help your students achieve higher grades. It’s so simple it’s genius!

PAGS (www.pagsprofile.com) is a digital tool that boosts children’s learning and psycho-social development.

This webinar will be very practical as well as informative.

Feliciea Jibson is Chief Science Officer and Founder of PAGS. She has 27 years of experience in Education and SEN in the UK.

Joseph Ajuwon is an Educational Consultant in the UK, co-founder of Afrelib and PAGS professional.