New feature – Upcoming Live Classes and Live Webinars

Earlier you had to send the registration link to the student/attendee for them to be able to register for your Live sessions.

πŸ‘‰ A hugely popular demand from NZ Live users was the ability to be able to offer one-click registration to Live Classes/Webinars to make this process much easier.

Now you can, we have just added Upcoming Live Class and Live Webinar Blocks and you can add this on any pages and offer the one-click registration functionality.

Upcoming Live Sessions (Live Classes & Live Webinars)
βœ… New Upcoming Live Class Block – Row and Grid layout styles
βœ… New Upcoming Live Webinar Block – Row and Grid layout styles
βœ… Settings for each to turn off/on One Click registration. ‘On’ by default
βœ… When one click registration is On, if its a live class or live webinar with one click they can book a spot if they are logged in.
βœ… If they aren’t logged in with One-click registration On, they will be shown a popup to login/register and in both cases, they won’t see the registration page if One click registration is On
βœ… New Upcoming Live Class Block – Row and Grid layout styles

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