“Necessity Series”: 6 Parts to Essential SENukeX Foundation for Success.

SENukeUnderground grew below the surface, formed by Veteran users trading secret strategies for best effectiveness with this complex software. Shortly, it became a phenomenon, as struggling SEO’s used our tactics and saw life breathed into their lifeless SENuke Campaigns. Only what works, and what works longest, and strongest, is taught now at SENukeUnderground. Master teachers compiled & formed these secrets into the easiest to understand training, covering all the bases from SEO & SENukeX Newbie up to & beyond SEO & SENukeX Veterans. Talk is cheap: See for yourself FREE. We are giving you a 6 Topic Training Series of a $300+ value of video screencasts, documentation, and plug&play templates. Really.

Necessity Series: 6 Topic Training Series of the Essential SENukeX Foundation for Success. (PS: Not yet purchased SENukeX? Use the 14-Day Trial Wisely by getting the Fastest Start Possible with SENukeUnderground’s SENukeX Bonus of our highest Training Skillset, Free! Just purchase SENukeX using this link here.)

Skill Level: Simple The SENukeX Wizard is a “GUI Walkthrough” of setting up a Campaign. Because it brings so many tools to the table, overwhelm can occur quickly, even for Veteran SEO’s, because the GUI is unfamiliar, as well as what’s happening behind the scenes. Get familiar with Necessity 1: Wizard Mastery with the SENukeX Wizard Manual, which quickly gets you the info you need to start Campaigns.

Skill Level: Simple SENukeX is one of the Top SEO tools available in 2012. It brings an enormous amount of SEO versatility, functionality, and automation to the table. With all that, it’s extremely complicated. It creates a great variety of SEO tools in a GUI, but this GUI is faulty. Veteran SEO’s can reduce entire Campaigns to Worthless because of simple missing GUI parts and never know it. Necessity 2: SuperTips gives the lowdown on how to bypass these fatal flaws.

Skill Level: Int This is where it gets cooking. Correct tactics can compound hours or days of your work into minutes. This training gives fundamental methods of using the software. SENukeX really starts to make sense here, giving the ability to start stacking the methods to get serious Campaigns going. Necessity 3: Foundation lays the groundwork for creating your own genius with SENukeX.

Skill Level: Int Content is King. How the freak do you get awesome content, that doesn’t cost you immense time, but will work for the long haul to bypass SEO REPO? SENukeX does Article Marketing, but without correct content, the jig is up, and Google will soon recognize the lack of value of the posted content, and de-indexing (SEO REPO) will soon occur. Necessity 4: SuperMegaArticle confesses an entire Formula for creating articles that have thousands upon thousands of unique variations, readable by real humans, that provide value to the web for Sustainable SEO. Hired writers can even follow the formula to deliver you an article which will pass duplicate content filters, appeal to humans, and give long-term link-juice!

Skill Level: Int. Strategy is a normal idea in normal SEO, but SENukeX is not normal SEO. Few users understand what SENukeX is actually doing in the background, which is a reason why its used so badly! Veteran SEO’s become insta-noobs when attempting to understand what SENukeX is doing, making Strategy a whole new thing to learn inside the GUI. Necessity 5: Plug&Play StrategyBox delivers a hand-designed, expertly-concieved Strategy that can be imported Plug’n’Play into SENukeX. Also, a step by step document walks through each step to ensure you use it correctly, complete with an overview and quick checklist. Even a Noob can use this Advanced Strategy which uses post-Wizard “Mods” to manually SuperPower the strategy into a supreme Campaign. This particular Strategy-Box is the Social Ninja 9Tier Nuke, which has a secret way to get your Tier 1 posts authorized by the Social Network, increasing success rates & overall link-juice & Campaign success. Plug&Play.

Skill Level: Adv. What’s the point? Online promotion, internet marketing, seo, but the main point is to monetize. Online businesses are very diverse, but without monetization, all the work is just for fun. This Training covers the process, and components, of setting up one of the more trusted and simple ways to monetize online. An affiliate site can capture a specific keyword string and specialize in that niche, then pointing the viewer to sites that sell products applicable to that niche, in exchange for an affiliate commission for the sale. Many small things make this a dud, or a successful process, and this training walks through the entire process for a successful setup!

Necessity Series: Release Date 8 May 2012 SEU Free 6 Part Training of the Foundation Necessities when using SENukeX >> Necessity Series: Just Opt-In to Recieve Free 6 Part Series ($300 Value)

Our SENukeX Training is directed & created by veteran SEO’s who have directly used SENukeX for over 6 years combined. The SENukeX software automates SEO, which we’ve seen done very badly in ways that will eventually harm the target sites, if not already doing so. Even veteran SEO’s become confused by the software or miss required steps, even in the SENukeX Wizard, and all such work results in being totally ineffective. SENukeUnderground was created because of the overwhelm newbies and veteran SEO’s experienced when attempting to use the software. We SENukeUnderground Founders used all of our combined knowledge of SEO & SENukeX to deliver onscreen walkthrough videos, documented manuals, plug’n’play templates, & many free webinars to our clients. Our clients first, then anyone recieving our emails, get first-hand access to all this information. Because, we know that by providing vivid instruction, longterm SEO mindsets, and start-to-finish detail, SENukeX can work longer & be more effective for everyone using it. Results now that last long-term through Search Engine updates are what we focus our training around. This is why the SENukeX Wizard Instruction Manual, a document compiled by SENukeUnderground Founders, is a great place to begin. For now, its available free, along with any new information we deem necessary in our emails to you. And some information is so absolutely necessary that we will give you free webinars, free video walkthroughs, and free manual documentation…