My Journey of Conducting Webinars

I have always hated being on camera, and have suffered with a lot of stage fright. But I still decided to conduct a Webinar..

I didn’t want to just sit back and use that as an excuse to not do things.

In my first Webinar, I fumbled, blanked out. made mistakes. But apparently, people did not even notice that and appreciated the webinar and my effort.
Sometimes, you’re your worst critic and enemy. Don’t let that get the best of you and excuse you to not do things.

After conducting 5 free webinars with over 60+ students. I’m conducting my very first paid webinar, because now I feel worthy and much more confident.

Please message me If any one you are interested to attend the webinar. It’s on LinkedIn Marketing and how to get a floodgate of leads during these challenging times through it.
Email: vedikabhaia@gmail.com
Number: +91 9831145375