Monetize & Enhance Your Webinars | Webinar Engagement Solution from EventBank

Run webinars and provide your attendees with premium and seamless experience that gives them access to presentations, agenda, as well as ability to exchange business cards, request meetings, connect and chat with each other, and more without compromising on your branding.

⭐ Create breath-taking event pages, send out event invite emails and reminders, and get feedback with surveys in a few easy steps.

⭐ Enable your community to create and share their own digital business cards, manage their contacts, book meetings and effectively connect with anyone.

⭐Spark discussions and turn webinars into experiences with live chat, direct messaging, and event room discussions so your audience can network and exchange their experiences.

⭐ Enable your brand to stand out, and monetize your webinars with an exclusive premium experience normal platforms can’t deliver.

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