Mike Filsaime: How To Load Up Webinars / How To Build A Software Company

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Ever wonder what it takes to have a million dollar day online? Think it’s even possible for an online marketer? If not, Mike Filsaime, the car salesman turned online marketing pioneer will be the first to tell you how it’s done (since he’s the second guy in online history to ever do it).

Flashback to the mid-eighties when Mike first learned how to write code after high school. He quickly turned a small bit of state-specific code into something he could modify for multiple states and sold the rights for a tidy profit. That was his first taste of turning a profit with software, one he would enjoy again soon enough following in the footsteps of John Reese.

Take your time with this episode and you’ll learn about what it takes to turn out great conversions with your webinars, why a launch model isn’t the best business model and the four quadrant approach to deciding which SaaS you should dive into developing. If you like what Mike has to say, you may find they pair well with some helpful tips from Mike Matuz’s episode and  Joe’s take on creating the perfect webinar flow.

I always tell people, you don’t market in a debate format.”- Mike Filsaime

Some Topics We Discussed Include: The fine art of influence and why it matters
Hands down the most important skill to sell something online
How to leverage a support desk and tools you use to create a new SaaS product
Matt’s warning about the consequences of good copy without this
How to never tell your affiliates about your payment program and still get them to sell for you like gangbusters
These 5 KPIs are what make a webinar the most successful
Did somebody say Snoop Dog was in the house?
The baffling reality of what a pre-order really gets your client yet how much more it delivers during your “grand opening”
The highest and best use of a launch
If you’re still offering webinar replays, reconsider doing this instead
How to spot the Coca-Cola and deliver the Pepsi online
Should you pay for affiliate partners or pay for traffic to sell your product?
What Mike believes you should always pair with an info product to earn more money online
GDPR makes the Butterfly Site a tool Mike had to retire for now…But maybe not for good
Mike shatters Matt’s myth’s about developing a SaaS
This four-part video sales funnel that still slays it today
If you consider building an app that piggybacks, consider this first

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