Microsoft Teams webinars — an everyday introduction

Microsoft Teams webinars offer a great way to bring together up to 10,000 people for trainings, town halls, and other gatherings that require registration and signup. As a webinar facilitator, you will be able to grab information about anyone signing up for the event and they will receive an attendee link to join the webinar when it goes live.

In this video we’ll discuss how the registration works, how webinars compare to regular Teams meetings, which licenses can use webinars, how the webinar settings like the lobby and hard mute can really help you out, and a dirty little secret about this feature.

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📍 Sections
0:00 Intro
0:12 Background
1:33 Create webinar
4:07 Create registration page
6:07 Filling out the registration form as an attendee
9:05 Managing the webinar and registrants
12:33 Licensing and limits
14:58 Wrap up