Melkart Rouhana – Survive & Thrive 2021 Webinars

Leaders are calling from around the globe wondering what to do. My first advice: Put employee morale at the heart of your crisis plan. We designed two webinars that will enable you to boost your culture, energize your people and redefine your business. Both webinars will be tailored to your culture and business objectives.

Webinar 1: 19 for Covid-19 – designed for all your leaders. It will share 19 tips to deal with the impact of Covid 19 on your business, poise your leaders for success and inspire you to redefine the way you do business and the business you do.

Webinar 2: Cross the Line: TRANSFORM – designed for all your colleagues to inspire a winning spirit, create a sense of togetherness, unleash a positive mindset, and cross the line to welcome a new world of opportunities.

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Let us join hands to activate your greatness.
Don’t wait for the dust to settle down. The cost of waiting will impair your ability to deliver on your promises to those you serve and lead.

Connect with us TODAY… info@mrtconsultants.com
Embrace the challenges ahead and rethink boundaries.
Believe me, Uncertainty is a good thing; only if you cross the line.