Masterful Virtual Trainer Tip: Remove Hypocrisy – Using Humility Questions in Webinars

Key Ideas:
1. As trainers, we need to recognize the fact that we are not the only expert in the topic that we present or teach.
2. The learners have their own expertise too, and it can be based on their experiences and points of view.
3. We don’t always have the right answers and we may sometimes not feel strong about our points of view, but we may practice the posture of humility.
4. Ask humble questions such as:
– I am not quite sure if I answered your question, can you confirm?
– This is how I understand it to work, how does it work on your end?
– Sorry, I am not familiar with this idea. Can you enlighten me?
5. The more we manifest humble gestures towards our learners, the more we build trust, rapport, and respect.

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