Masterful Virtual Trainer Idea: Using the Power of Chat in Webinars

Key Ideas:
1. The chat tool in webinars is not a one-way communication channel.
2. Though face-to-face interaction allows us to see the person communicating through speech, language, and gestures, the chat tool in webinars also allows us to have this kind of two-way communication.
3. The chat tool is a multi-dimensional tool that has the following aspects:
– It involves your audience. The learner writes down his/her answers, reflections, and ideas.
– It is a social interaction tool. The learners get to interact with other learners through reading their answers and thoughts, and answering to it as well.
– It is a tool used to directly communicate with the facilitator.
– It helps in the process of confirming whether the learners follow and understand the content through reading their ideas and observing the flow of the chat thread.
4. We need to look at the chat tool as an open-ended communication and not just a channel between one person and the facilitator.
5. Make a different culture of using chat in webinars – as a personal and interrelation tool between the learners and facilitator.

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