Maritime Link Up: Beyond Borders Webinars

The American Caribbean Maritime Foundation (ACMF), in association with the Caribbean Association of National Training Authorities, and CARICOM Youth Ambassadors, will launch the Maritime Linkup: Beyond Borders Webinars on the 19 August, with subsequent sessions on 9 and 23 September; and 7 and 21 October. The five-part webinar series focused on connecting Caribbean youth with educational and professional opportunity in the maritime sector and blue economy, is free to students and educators. Register at https://tinyurl.com/maritimelinkup to ensure you are a part of these exciting discussions. The ACMF will fund a full-tuition scholarship, namely the ACMF CANTA Scholarship, which is to be awarded at the final webinar on 21 October. The recipient, who must have attended the first three webinars, may study at one of the ACMF academic partners—the Caribbean Maritime University in Jamaica or the University of Trinidad and Tobago. The ACMF CANTA Scholarships application can be downloaded at the ACMF website https://www.acmfdn.org/scholarships/.

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