Low Carbon Hub webinars | Investing in our Community Energy Fund, Barbara Hammond & Saskya Huggins

We’ve started a series of webinars, discussing the future of energy and our work at the Low Carbon Hub to create an energy system which is good for people and for the planet, in Oxfordshire and beyond.

For our first webinar, Barbara Hammond (CEO of the Low Carbon Hub) and Saskya Huggins (Social Impact Director of the Low Carbon Hub) discuss our latest investment opportunity within the Community Energy Fund, including:
-why investing is an impactful climate action to take
-the projects which the investment raised will fund – including potential ground mount solar sites in Oxfordshire
-how the Community Energy Fund is supporting Project LEO, and unlocking further grant funding.

We also took questions throughout the webinar, which the speakers answered at the end.

Interested in investing? Head to www.lowcarbonhub.org/invest

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