Live Webinars In Kajabi (Step by Step)

Webinars (when done right) can be a powerful tool for your online business.

You offer a free live training to your audience, they come and enjoy solid teaching, interaction, and walk away having learned something powerful. You also get to pitch your product or coaching at the end, offering the chance for your people to go deeper with you.

But how do you pull off a webinar – technically speaking?!

The good news? With Kajabi you can do easily and for free. And today I’m going to show you how, every step of the way.

And finally – If you’re interested in trying out Kajabi for free for an entire month, hit the link below for a 28 day free trial and take their 28 day challenge. Full disclosure it’s an affiliate link, so if you end up using Kajabi it will support me as well. If not, no hard feelings.

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