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Do you want to STAND OUT & BE FOUND on Linkedin®? Do you want to use Social Networking as part of your Business Development Strategies? With the popularity of Social Networking Sites, you are now able to GENERATE MORE BUSINESS, but in order to make the best use of your time you must have a strategy.

I have helped HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE implement LinkedIn successfully and I can help you as well. How successful? READ MY RECOMMENDATIONS ON LINKEDIN. I will give you access to all of the videos that are on this site and any future content. Also, participate in weekly training sessions and have access to real resources via email.

That’s right, EVERY WEEK you will have access to LIVE TRAINING that keeps you moving in the right direction with your Business Development activities on LinkedIn. If you miss the LIVE event, a recorded version will be posted.

No special software is needed, just log into the site and you will have full access all of this valuable content.

MONTHLY BILLING SCHEDULE: Your initial charge will be $25.00. You will then be charged $25.00/month for 11 months after your initial charge has been made. You may CANCEL ANYTIME.

ANNUAL BILLING SCHEDULE: Your initial charge will be $199.00. You will receive 12 months access to LinkedAid.com. No other charges will be billed after initial charge.