Lent Apprentice to Jesus Webinars

Lent is fast approaching and we have some exciting news for you. Not only is Apprentice to Jesus out for you to read during the 40days of lent but working with SPCK we are also hosting 4 Monday evening’s during lent as coaching webinars. During the 4 Monday evenings, we will explore 4 discipleship topics, have Q&A time with Cris and breakout time to see how we are doing with the challenges given in the book.

Imagine having your own Discipleship Coach!

Sign up with Event Bright here to get your webinar link sent to you (https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/apprentice-to-jesus-online-tickets-135988949609?aff=).

WHAT ARE THE DATES? Monday 22nd of Feb, 1st, 8th and 15th of March. 7:45 PM

CAN THIS BE USED WITH SMALL GROUPS? Yes a small group could each sign up and join us for the webinar and then offline talk with each other over the material.

CAN I DO THIS ON MY OWN? 100% you can. The evenings will be run so that you get to engage with others in their Lent discipleship journey.

DO I NEED TO READ THE BOOK? You will need to have a copy of the book and at least read some of it. The book is written as a daily bitesize read.

WHERE IS THE BEST PLACE TO GET THE BOOK? At present the Publisher is doing the best deal… https://spckpublishing.co.uk/apprentice-disciple

HOW DO I SIGN UP? Simply head to… https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/apprentice-to-jesus-online-tickets-135988949609?aff=