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This video shows Alexandra König with a Quarter horse that has lost all will to cooperate with humans because of too hard training in a reining school. With highest aggression and readiness for violence or avoidance behavior, this horse has withdrawn into himself for a long time. A lot of time and healing was necessary to give this gelding back the desire for life and movement. However, this healing did not happen through yet “another” training method, but through pure communication and simply “being together”.


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Understanding horse language. Would you have known?

Episode 3″Fear becomes obedience then habit” The horse psyche

Episode 4″Communication instead of obedience and dominance” – The horse psyche

From the age of two until the age of five, the gelding was made him work by authorized professional horse trainers with harshness, discipline and horsemanship to the point of degradation. The result was sobering, as in the end no one managed to present this dominant but also sensitive gelding for competition. With chi horsing® the gelding learned a new way and new emotions, although his emotional damage remained. Only through an emphatic connection can the gelding still be moved and ridden voluntarily.

From this particularly we women can draw our strengths. We do not have to take a path that is inwardly repugnant to us. Many women come to Saliho School because they begin to question themselves and their actions. Do women really want to be dominant? Is this the woman’s way or the man’s way? Do women want to spend weeks swinging ropes, taking the horse’s place and cracking whips to be respected by the horse?

If you do not want that anymore, chi horsing® may be the way for you.
You can use it to achieve whatever goal you want. But with gentleness, knowledge and values inherent in these noble animals themselves. Horses permanently communicate authentically through body language in their movement and expression.

Most of the time we are not aware of our thoughts and feelings. However, we can use this to create an energy that does not serve ourselves and prevents holistic success. No matter how one works with a horse, the horse always orients itself according to our movements (through the mirror neurons) and our radiating energy. It is essential to distinguish which behaviors belong to the horse’s nature and which are caused by the owner’s inner attitude.

Energy follows attention. Wherever we direct our focus, that is amplified. The content and the measure of the radiating energy of a human “tells” the horse what he/she is occupied with. The horse reacts in a differentiated readable way to: pride, confidence, courage, care, power, compassion as well as to worry, doubt, aggression, fear, pity, indifference, depression and much more.

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