Join the most massive webinars in the history of PLATINCOIN!

PlatinCoin: https://platincoin.com/en/2492454291

Join the most massive webinars in the history of PLATINCOIN!

Webinar link: https://unlimited-live.de/live/en​/2492454291

We are announcing the most massive webinars in the history of PLATINCOIN, where each guest has a chance to get a reward worth €9975! The webinars will be hosted on February 8th (in Russian and German) and February 10th (in Spanish, Hindi, and English).

Our previous webinars brought together more than 70 000 guests – this is an absolute historical record for us. Our new goal is to bring together 100 000 people at EACH webinar!

If we reach this goal, each guest will receive a fantastic gift!

If over 5000 guests join, each person will get a gift worth €110;
with 10 000 guests, the value of the gift will be €275;
with 25 000 guests — €1100;
with 50 000 — €5500;
if we meet our goal of 100 000 guests, each person will receive a gift worth €9975!

See you on February 10th at 19:00 Lagos time.
Webinar link: https://unlimited-live.de/live/en​

Webinar schedule in other languages:

In Russian:
📆 8.02
⏰ 19:00 Moscow
🌐 https://unlimited-live.de/live/ru​
In German:
📆 8.02
⏰ 19:30 Berlin
🌐 https://unlimited-live.de/live/de​
In Spanish for our partners in Latin America:
📆 10.02
⏰ 20:00 (8 pm) Mexico City
🌐 https://unlimited-live.de/live/es​
In Hindi for our partners in India
📆 10.02
⏰ 19:30 New Delhi (15:00 Berlin)
🌐 https://unlimited-live.de/live/hi