Joel Erway: Current Tactics To Get Amazing Results With Webinars

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Just eight months into his first job as a mechanical engineer, Joel Erway realized he was not doing the kind of analytical work he was born to do. He quit being an engineer and moved into sales, taking a job that was 100% commission.

For three years Joel puttered along, doing the same old lunch and learn sessions. Both he and his clients were yawning through the meetings. There just had to be a better way. He read everything there was on how to do a presentation, then rewrote the script.

Immediately, Joel’s presentations were raking in millions of dollars in business. It wasn’t long before he jumped right into online entrepreneurship. Now, after years analyzing what makes webinars tick, he is here to share how to make a great presentation and what the future of webinars is going to look like.

Get ready to take notes as Joel Erway gives the guys his tactics to make a webinar that has an impact, gets your audience to stick to the end, and convert. When you’re done listening check out our episodes with Mike Filsaime and Casey Zeman for more lessons on how to give a perfect presentation.

“You have to be able to make the greatest offer in the world. That takes a lot of study and a lot of time, but people think it’s super easy.”- Joel Erway

Some Topics We Discussed Include: How to present yourself to a cold audience
The powerful, counter-intuitive approach of leading blind
Where webinars work in a funnel and where they don’t
How niche you should be targeting your webinars
What the right amount of facts can do for your presentation
How and when to create the best opportunity to make conversions
The thing you need before you can make a webinar
The niche where webinars are actually ineffective
Why jargon could be hurting your presentation
The right follow-ups to Facebook ads
Why video sales letters are totally different than webinars
What to do if you’re getting stuck writing your webinar script

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