IOSH Webinars: Securing a new role during and post Covid 19 – insights for the OSH professional

Continuing the IOSH Covid-19 webinar series, this webinar focuses on recruitment during and post Covid-19. Our panel, consisting of Liam Tiddy of Shirley Parsons; Yvette Moffatt of the Royal College of Surgeons; Gareth Mullen of Thames Water and Simon Bliss of Principal People, provide advice on how OSH professionals can stand out from the crowd at a time when the job market is potentially at its most competitive.

In particular, the session looked at what skills and learnings have been taken from the pandemic that can be used to add further depth to a CV, and how a potential applicant could use this to gain a competitive edge during their job search.

Finally, it provided insight into what skills and attributes will be most attractive to potential employers in a post covid-19 landscape, and if Covid-19 has changed what’s expected of an OSH professional.