IOSH Webinars – Empathy & Emotional Intelligence

Over the last 5 years or so, the shape of the profession has changed significantly with an increased understanding of the absolute imperative to understand how to influence stakeholders. With a new competency framework having emerged from IOSH, this interactive presentation will discuss thee behavioural competencies:
• Self awareness
• Empathy
• Active listening

The talk will look at why these are arguably the most important aspects of any role – and especially yours. Why our brains can make it difficult to practise these and the importance of continued understanding of ourselves. Tools we can use to get better at all of these including mindfulness and WAIT (why am I talking).

Speaker: Heather Beach, Director, The Healthy Work Company. The Company works with organisations to support happy, thriving employees. Heather works with many large some global organisations including ITV Mace Eurostar, Givaudan, Luton Airport, The Telegraph – delivering training and wellbeing surveys.