IOSH Webinars – Developing your knowledge of behavioural modification tactics – Part 4

Join our webinar to learn about how you can influence behavioural change to improve others willingness to cooperate and follow guidelines. This webinar is part 4 of a series of four webinars to enable you to improve your personal impact as a Health and Safety champion. In this webinar you will learn about current behavioural modification theories and how to use these to complement your coaching conversations to effect sustainable behavioural change.

About the speakers:

Rebecca Stevens is a Chartered Psychologist who specialises in helping business owners and managers understand why people do the things they do in the workplace and how to handle that. From recruiting the person with the right fit, to bringing the team together better and leading effectively, Rebecca focuses on the psychological dynamic.

Rachel Valentine is a qualified Executive Coach and a Chartered Health and Safety Practitioner who works with organisational leaders, supporting and empowering them to become the leaders they want to be. An area of interest is using coaching to support improvements in workplace cultures, enabling the development of higher levels of care and compassion within organisations, as well as employee engagement and performance