Inbox Rockstar – Your All Access Pass To Email Marketing Success!

So, like a good little marketer you will have done everything “right” as far as building one is concerned… (And even if you haven’t yet, I’ll bet a penny to a pound you’ll do the following…)

You feel really good about yourself because you are “helping” and not acting like a nasty scammer who is only interested in “the money”. But of course, just like everybody else who lives in the real world with bills to pay and mouths to feed…

I’d spend ages writing epic blog posts, I hosted numerous free online training webinars and I used to email my subscribers “free content” on an almost daily basis.

Just like I’d been “taught” by the “guru” marketers sitting in their ivory towers. In a short space of time my list was growing into the thousands… but the response rates were at an all-time low.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out the “accepted” marketing methods are getting neither you nor me anywhere.

I needed to change the way I conducted my email marketing – try something completely different.

And goes against every “Marketing 101″ strategy peddled by every self-proclaimed “guru” out there. But, the fact is this: the day I stopped busting my ass to give my subscribers everything they needed to succeed for “free”…

I didn’t strictly “stop” the value. But, the essay-like blog posts were no more, the detailed video tutorials that took a day to put together stopped and as for the free live training webinar sessions? I cancelled my GoTo Webinar account.

I still “lure” new subscribers onto my list through bribery of a free product (marketing 101 still has its occasional uses)… but, that’s where the freebies begin and end.

The difference it has made to my business is nothing short of remarkable and it can do the same for yours too.

Plenty of marketing coaches will tell you how to build a list, but knowing what to email them afterwards to earn money consistently is an issue that is often not addressed.

The “fill in the blanks” email marketing templates you provide in Inbox Rockstar immediately solve this problem and makes it easy for anybody to make money – even newbies mailing out for the first time.

I mailed out one of the templates to my list in the gambling niche and it received the highest number of opens and clicks than I ever got before!

I used a second template to promote a paid membership and overnight gave my numbers a healthy boost!

I am an experienced email marketer who has a large and loyal email list. I already get solid open rates and high click throughs so I was intrigued whether an Inbox Rockstar membership could improve my results even further.

I created two smaller lists of 5,000 subscribers from my main lists at random and then emailed both lists for a week to set a benchmark.

By the end of the second week I saw an increase in open rates from 38% to 42.5% (an EXTRA 225 opens)…

Considering this test was done on a small portion of my subscribers these are great results – I am going to implement the templates across ALL my lists.

Pretty much every single email I send out is written in an “infotainment” style, giving my subscribers bitesize education and a supersized amount of fun!

It’s also why I no longer need to give out constant “freebies”… like writing 60-page training PDFs, videos that take a week to research, record and edit or chase down “celebrities” in my niche and try and get an interview out of them.

None of that time-wasting nonsense is necessary any more because the email I send them becomes the “valuable, free content” as a subscriber, they come to expect. But, here’s where the money-making magic happens…

The intertwined sales pitch with the “infotainment” email feels like a natural part of the overall flow.

This is much more appealing than spending hours writing content-heavy blog posts that earned zero money.

And, infotainment is brain-dead simple. There’s no huge amounts of planning, research or writing required or cross-checking what your favourite “guru” says to make sure you’re saying the “right” thing.

As long as it’s short, fun and gives me the opportunity to sell something, I’ll send it out.

But, regardless of the subject matter, I always tie in some sort of lesson which tells my subscribers what they should be doing…

That’s where the paid product pitch comes in, to help my subscriber beyond what the email copy does. This way, whether the subscriber buys or not, they still feel as though reading the email was worth their time.

They got some information that made them think about how they can improve their own business, well being or whatever… and got a few minutes entertainment and escapism along the way!

Of course, I still get unsubscribes – it’s part of the game and there will always be those who get sick of hearing from you. But, overall my unsubscribe rates are no worse than when I was “working hard” to provide “value” and “great content”.

Writing infotainment style emails is not something you get good at overnight… you don’t just wake up one morning and crank out incredible prose if you’ve never done it before!

It took me a few months to hone and perfect my skills and there was plenty of trial and error. I understand this may not be what you want to hear:

Perhaps you simply cannot be bothered to do the “work” but still want to make money from marketing?

Well… when I was planning Inbox Rockstar I thought about this long and hard. So, instead of putting together some BS product and claim you can be as awesome at writing emails as I am…

You see, it doesn’t matter if…