iBwave Webinars: The Algorithms Behind the Heatmaps

Can you tell what stands behind an accurate Wi-Fi design?

Heatmaps are known to be crucial in demonstrating how the network will perform. But as we say around iBwave, a heatmap is only as valuable as the propagation engine behind it!

In this session our research director Vladan Jevremovic will show various cases explaining where and how the prediction was impacted by the type of algorithm the propagation engine was using.

Interested in learning how different prediction methods influence the accuracy of your network design? Watch this webinar and learn the best practices of maximizing the precision of your wireless projects!

Webinar agenda:

• In-Building Propagation algorithms – pros and cons
– COST 231
– Variable PathLoss Exponent (VPLE)
– Ray Tracing
• Case studies
– Office space
– NHL arena
– Shopping mall
• Conclusion
• Demo