"How to Use Webinars to Grow Your Business" based on the book "One to Many" by Jason Fladlien

It’s no secret that the right type of webinar can easily double or triple your business profits. In fact, many companies today would be bankrupt if it wasn’t for having a single, solid webinar. A strong webinar allows you to get more new customers into your business—and allows you to serve and make more profit from your existing customers and clients.

Most of your so-called competitors don’t use webinars. Or, if they do, they use them poorly. A powerful webinar in an industry where none exists can catapult your company immediately to the top of that market.

Jason Fladlien has helped countless businesses use and improve their webinars to the tune of six, seven, eight, and even nine figure wins. For many online businesses, he is their secret weapon for marketing success. For the first time, in his book One to Many, he makes his secrets publicly available to anyone who is willing to do a little work—to increase profits a lot!

What inspired you to write this book?

The main reason why I wrote the book was simply because, this is kind of a funny story, but I had helped somebody with webinars who was really good at book marketing and book publishing. Her name was Peggy McCall. She said, “Listen, you’ve helped me so much with webinars, let me help you create the book.” So that was the main thing.

She came up with the title and she helped me prep it and really sold me on the idea of it because the challenge is for somebody of my stature in terms of … What I mean by that is I’ve made so much money selling such high-ticket stuff, it’s hard to justify wanting to do a book because books generally speaking, are harder to make money with directly. Now indirectly, they’re a lot easier to make money with because it helps you get more speaking gigs. It raises your stature in the marketplace, in the markets that you serve and so on and so forth. But it was hard for me to justify spending all that time to sell something for 20 bucks when I could spend half the time and sell something for $5,000 to the right audience.

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