How to Use Elgato Stream Deck with Zoom webinars/meetings #socialmedia #zoomtips #streamdeck

I’m a social media manager who uses Zoom to mentor Individuals and Groups on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc and I find my Stream Deck useful for vision switching (swapping cameras), muting, screensharing and all that good stuff with Zoom. This is a Quick runthrough for those who want to set up their Stream Deck to work with Zoom Meetings and Zoom webinars in 3 mins (or so).

The primary audience for these videos are Corporate and Gov: Senior Social Media Strategists are large companies and Government: My Corporate Social Media Training School is at https://courses.laurelpapworth.com If you are a small business, solopreneur, or home business, they might be a bit intensive until you reach an advanced stage – I have real life courses for you in Sydney and elsewhere and a small number of courses on my online school https://courses.laurelpapworth.com/courses

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