How to Really Use Linkedin with Dive In Deep Training

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You already know that LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world. And, if you’re like the majority of LinkedIn users, you have 3 questions:

Giving you the answers to these questions is why we wrote the bestseller How to REALLY use LinkedIn.

The book was so successful that LinkedIn asked us to develop the LinkedIn Live Training program and deliver a pilot program in the Netherlands.

Since then we’ve been all over the world teaching people just like you how to be successful with LinkedIn. During our presentations and workshops we not only taught people to be successful with LinkedIn, we learned a lot from our student’s questions.

Passive and active people might get enough just by reading the book, but the people who need to get results both in the long AND short run, need more guidance — in other words: a thorough training program.

The reality, of course, is that we can’t be everywhere on the globe to deliver presentations, workshops and training courses nor does everybody have the budget—or the time—to attend one of our live sessions.

Because we want to help more people get the immediate results they need, we’ve developed the LinkedIn Dive In Deep Packages. They are comprehensive LinkedIn training courses that you can complete at home, your office or on the road. Each package is packed with a book, a workbook, video tips, webinars, self-assessments and e-mail guidance.

…because one size does not fit all when it comes to LinkedIn. Accordingly, each of our comprehensive training packages is designed to match up with one of three specific goals our proactive users have told us they need.

Our brain needs more than visual and auditory stimuli to spring into action. Using this 45 page workbook, you will be guided step-by-step to record the insights and ideas you need to take action on LinkedIn from the start.

Although this is already more than most other LinkedIn trainers offer, we have more for you. What we learned from our experience working with companies like Deloitte, IBM, ING Bank, Nike, SAP, and Siemens is that giving people a little extra support can pay dividends in real results. That’s why we’re offering even more so that you can …

Every Dive in Deep Package gives you the extra advantage you need to master LinkedIn quickly. You’ll receive valuable bonuses beginning with…

While the workbook is enough for some, most of us are overwhelmed by a daily avalanche of information. It is easy to get distracted.

This e-course program starts when you purchase your LinkedIn Dive in Deep Package. It automatically sends you weekly reminders (new customers and new employees packages), daily for job-seekers.

We’re with you every step of the way encouraging you to complete the steps needed to meet your LinkedIn goals and realize a 1000% ROI on your LinkedIn Dive in Deep Package.

The LinkedIn Profile Self-Assessment will show you how much room for improvement you have regarding your personal LinkedIn Profile. Upon completing this thorough self-assessment you’ll immediately receive tips showing you exactly how to improve your LinkedIn Profile!

You will also use both the LinkedIn Profile and Activity Self Assessment to measure your progress so you will discover that your investment in time and money pays off very fast!

We designed this 1 pager containing the absolutely most important LinkedIn tips to be be your compass to LinkedIn success!

“When I came back from working for a few years in China to the Netherlands, I suddenly realized that my network had disappeared. However, by using the LinkedIn Dive in Deep tips I quickly found 2 companies who are now hiring me as a freelancer! Besides that, people now find me much better when they need my expertise and people are more open for my requests. LinkedIn is a gem for networking and Jan & Bert showed me how to REALLY benefit from it.”

“After studying the (Dive In Deep) material I restructured the title and content on my profile so it was richer and more targeted. Then, using only 1 of the 10 strategies to find people, I identified recruiters and hiring managers who might be a good fit. Within one week 12 of them replied. Of these 12 contacts, 4 resulted in 30-45 minute recruitment calls, of which 2 interactions advanced to the interview loop stage and I received one job offer. These tips work fast!”

“Dear Jan & Bert, I’ve followed your LinkedIn advice since the first edition of your book, attended your webinars on how to really use LinkedIn and gratefully devoured the 2nd edition. The book was great but I was really able to Dive In Deep (to borrow their title) with your extraordinary training program. Following your system has helped me to find clients and opportunities using LinkedIn that I otherwise would never have uncovered — in fact, shortly before I wrote this I submitted the final invoice to a customer who came to me as a result of LinkedIn. Does LinkedIn work? You bet! Have I been able to make it work for me because of what I’ve learned from you? Absolutely! I use your system and I recommend it to everyone I know.”

We have even more good news: you not only get all the current, up-to-date information but we’re going to send you all the updates too—For FREE!

What does this mean? For starters: every time we organize live LinkedIn Steps to Success webinars with new information, you get the recordings for free. That’s a $131.00 value, every time!

With your purchase you’ll receive a FREE account on our Dive in Deep Members Only website. With registration you’ll have immediate and ongoing access to all the parts of your LinkedIn Dive in Deep Package.

Finally, we invite you to find us on LinkedIn where you’ll see we’re real people with real Profiles.