How To: Make Webinars More Engaging

In just two minutes, get some great tips on how to create better webinars and live online events. Here’s an overview of how to make your webinars better than everyone elses:
– Production value matters – if you’re not doing it right, chances are people aren’t paying attention to your message.
– Keep your slides simple. You shouldn’t be reading off them, rather use them to list key thoughts or highlight certain facts.
– Let your audience participate with chat, sms, Twitter, etc.
– Use subject matter experts!
– Don’t waste your viewer’s time. Short and sweet works.

So, with these tips you should be able to spice up your webinars and make your viewers happy. If you’d like to learn more, visit us as at EpoxieMKTG.com – we’d love to hear from you. Thanks for watching!