How to Make Webinars Engaging | 5 Tips for Success

Running your own webinar? Want to learn some tips and tricks to make your webinars more engaging? In this video, we’ll go over five webinar tips and tricks that I have personally used to get five-star ratings from my attendees, and also to get them to come back to my next webinar the next time around.

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0:00 – Introduction to How to Make Webinars Engaging

0:47 – Tip #1: Ask for audience engagement as people enter the room.

The reason why you want to do this is because it gets people talking with one another in a virtual space and makes them more comfortable with the idea of contributing to the conversation in the topic for today.

As people are entering your webinar, I want you to put up a slide that essentially says something along the lines of, include what your name is, what organization you’re coming in from and then some sort of question related to the topic at hand for today, followed by whether or not that person is willing to serve as an example for today in the webinar.

2:21 – Tip #2: Give attendees a reason to stay until the end.

This can be in the form of some sort of live offer promotion or big announcement you want to make at the end for people who attend.

If, for example, you want people to sign up for your service, you might want to pair that with the thought of, they should create an account by the end of the day in order to get an extra seven days added to their trial.

By having these sorts of live offers at the end or a reason to stay until the end, you really start to build up anticipation and reasons for somebody to actually stick through the entirety of your webinar.

3:26 – Tip #3: Deliver substance.

What I mean by that is to cut out the fluff in which you’re giving some background information and really get into the meat of the content of the topic that you are talking about.

It can be really helpful for you to share personal experiences or experiences that you’ve heard of as you start to illustrate points so that whenever you have some sort of core informational slide, you should pair it with some sort of personal story or testimonial or relatable content that your attendees can actually think about in applying the things that you are sharing with them in terms of the core information.

4:53 – Tip #4: Show how to apply the information you shared to your attendees’ lives.

The easiest way I can recommend you do this is to use the question that you pose to them in tip number one, to connect the dots and bring in an audience member.

Explore with them that case of how they could make their boring blog post idea into something more exciting. And have a back and forth, have them un-muted in the webinar.

6:50 – Tip #5: Make your end of webinar call to action simple.

It needs to be crystal clear that there is only one or two things to do and not 10 things to do as you wrap up your session.

You want to tie some sort of carrot to the stick in order to motivate people to actually take action on your call to action.

For example, if you want more webinar feedback forms, all you need to do is say that they should submit their webinar feedback form by the end of the day to enter the raffle for X, Y, Z, or if you want to make sure that they sign up for your account, all you need to say is make sure you create your account by end of day to double your trial length or something like that.

7:55 – Two Big Takeaways to Remember:
1. Just because traditional schooling taught us what a boring lecture was, it doesn’t mean we have to keep doing it that way
2. Always connect the information and show how to apply that information.


What do you do to help make your webinars be more engaging? I love learning from you guys and I read and try to respond to every single comment.

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