How to make money from my courses and webinars!

Since 2006, I’ve created over 40 workshops, including the three digital marketing courses I’m currently teaching at TAV College.

I also created and sold an Ideal Career seminar to McGill University (Faculty of Management) for $10,000, and a Strategic Linkedin workshop to the McGill School of Continuing Studies for $2,000.
However, I’m VERY frustrated that I’m not able to share my knowledge with more people.

For instance, this semester, I teach only 62 students (Email Marketing, Project Management, Online Marketing Research). Normally, I teach even fewer (40-50).

Since my lectures are recorded and available as playlists on Youtube, there is NO LIMIT to how many students I can have!

62, 1,000, 20,000, one million students, it’s all the same. I do not incur any additional cost.

But I need your help to reach MORE people and give them access to my video lectures and courses.
In the following video, I show how simple it is to create a Buy button in Paypal.

All you have to do is share your Buy button with people and when they buy, they’ll be able to access my course materials INSTANTLY.

You can set any price you want. You pocket 100% of the profits.

For instance, if you charge $50, then Paypal will take a cut and you pocket $48.25.

You can then transfer funds from your Paypal account to your bank account.

Here’s the procedure for you to EASILY make money online by giving people access to ALL my course materials:

1. Watch the video below CAREFULLY.

2. Create a Buy button in Paypal in the amount of $49:
– Item name: Alphalinks Membership
– Item ID: AM-001
– Take customers to this URL when they finish checkout:

3. Next, use www.tinyurl.com to convert your long Buy button link into a shortcut link. (ex. www.tinyurl.com/entrepreneuracademybuy — in your case, use www.tinyurl.com/bizacademy(yourname), for instance, www.tinyurl.com/bizacademyjohn. Please note that the domain name (“bizacademyjohn”) cannot exceed 23 characters.

4. Send me at etalentelle@gmail.com your Tinyurl link.

Once the above steps are completed, I will contact you to discuss an agreement where you can freely invite men to access all my course materials and you can pocket 100% of the profits, no matter what price you set.

For example, the official price is currently $49, but you can run a short promotional campaign and offer it for only $18 for a limited time in order to start generating revenues quickly.