How to Kick Butt and Gain Influence in the Workplace | Praxis Webinars

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The Praxis team explores what it takes for young workers to create the most value for their business and themselves. Zak and Cameron take questions from attendees about taking advantage of that first job or internship and creating opportunities for professional growth. 

Zak and Cameron have gained invaluable experience early on in their careers through leadership positions in the education industry and have spent time around some of the most successful entrepreneurs through their work with Praxis.

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Praxis is a ten month alternative to college program for young people who want more than college. Students are placed in dynamic businesses where they gain career experience and complete a rigorous online curriculum designed for the real world. Participants range from young entrepreneurs, gap year students, dropouts, homeschool students, uncollege and unschool students and even college graduates.

Praxis is a twelve-month program that places young people with startups to apprentice, learn, grow, and walk away with valuable career skills.

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