How to host amazing virtual events, Zoom webinars, online conferences

Everyone likes a good show. Watch this video for tips on how to host amazing virtual events, webinars and online conferences.

Veteran keynote speaker, Michael Angelo Caruso interviews marketing and tech guru, Marshall Butler.

The pandemic of 2020 forced meeting planners to come to terms with virtual meetings. Marshall Butler was an early adapter and has seen a lot of success with online conferences.

Marshall is the Rotary Public Image Coordinator for Zone 34 in 2020-21 (Florida, Georgia and the Caribbean) and Michael is Rotary Public Image Coordinator for Zone 28, 202-21 (Canada, Alaska, Michigan, New England).

The conversation begins with a discussion about expediters in the restaurant business and why the average TED talk is so much more professional than other online presentations.

What makes bad events?
– Showing a computer desktop on the big screen to 300 people
– Dead air
– Technical problems
– Lack of planning and rehearsals
– Interruptions that might have been prevented
– No quality control
– “Winging it”

What makes good events?
– When key players practice elements of the event
– A minute-by-minute script
– Seamless execution
– A game plan and rehearsal sequence
– Checklists
– Quality control

Talking points include:

3:00 Good events vs bad events
11:00 Use music to set the tone
15:30 Switchers (Black Magic ATEM mini-pro switcher, $595)
17:00 Become aware of what’s possible
18:15 Lighting tips (3-point, ribbon light, ring light, depth of field)
20:00 Why virtual backgrounds work against you
22:00 Your numbers tell the tale (audience attendance)
23:00 The benefits of registration, a price
25:00 Size of your tech crew (greeters, moderators, help desk)
26:15 “Rebrandly” for short, memorable Zoom links
31:00 Marketing tips, tricks (make the event link the replay link)
34:30 We produce an event to issue a CALL TO ACTION
36:30 Security on Zoom
40:30 Engagement tips (bandwidth, audio, video)
43:00 The tech Dream Team
46:00 Best way for tech team to communicate, (iPhone!)
49:00 Pre-roll, countdown timer, nutritious chat on Zoom
51:45 Staging software: ProPresenter ($350)
Also, QLab, OBS, Wirecast, ReStream
54:00 Stinger graphics
55:00 About Rotary
56:00 How to create a fun video thumb nail in advance

Marshall Zoomed in from Gainesville, Florida and Michael logged on from Detroit, Michigan. He’s the CEO of DiscoverTec.com.

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