How to Generate Leads using Webinars [2021 Lead Generation Strategies]

There is no better way to educate leads on your value proposition than webinars, this is how to Generate Leads using Webinars. They provide huge amounts of value to your audience, all while positioning you as an authority. You can demonstrate that you’re the right person to help them.

Many marketers create webinars that deliver little value. Worse, they don’t know how to create webinars that turn leads into ready-to-buy opportunities.
It’s important to leverage the contents of your webinar to appeal to those who are innately qualified to make a purchase from you. We recommend you consider your buyer personas’ biggest pain points. Then, using your webinar content, position your product as a solution to that problem.

Offer a live stream of the webinar on the day you host it, and encourage viewers to ask questions during the presentation. You’ll answer these afterwards during a live Q&A session. This will increase engagement, and also make it more likely that attendees will share your webinar with others after it’s over.
Archive the webinar on your website and continue to promote it on an ongoing basis, just as you’d promote any other content on your website. Tip: Think of ways this webinar topic can be used as a call to action in future marketing campaigns, create a webinar recap blog, and produce other handouts from the material presented that require a lead form for access.

Make sure there’s a call-to-action in your webinar! Invite people to demo your product, sign up for free tips, email you with questions, request a copy of the associated white paper, or do something else to engage directly with your company. People are going to be pretty receptive to further engagement with you right after they’ve watched your interesting, useful webinar.

The reality is, not every webinar lead will be ready to buy after each live event. In fact, it’s likely that some registrants won’t even attend your webinar. For this reason, you must develop post-webinar promotion tactics to engage and nurture unqualified leads.

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04:27 Building your Webinar
05:24 How to make your Webinar Interactive
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