How to Attend/Listen Online Classes or Meetings or Webinars???

Tanvi thought of making a video for her friends on “Listening Online Classes”

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Follow these guidelines to while listening online classes

How to Listen Online Classes

Sit formally with proper setup like laptop, pencil, pen and relevant books

I suggest laptop or tab for students to listen online classes

I suggest not to use mobile phones. Because it may distract the class with messages and calls

Sit in a place where you will get good internet connectivity with out glitches. So that you can listen class smoothly

Check your background, I suggest to keep a plain background. For e.g. A plain colour wall

Sit Straight, Keep camera and mic at a little distance

Sit in a calm place to avoid distractions

Don’t make noise during the class it may distract other students

Use headset, it will minimize the noise and other disturbances

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