How Fake Gurus Hack Your Brain: The Genius Scam Of "Live" Webinars

You know those free live trainings you see ads for? They’re not live. They’re expertly crafted sales pitches designed to exploit intrinsic malfunctions of the human brain and ultimately convince you to spend tons of money on overpriced training courses. Don’t fall for them. Do fall…oh (follow) me on Instagram/TikTok @thelaptoplegend though 😉

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The online education industry has gotten a bad reputation, which is honestly sad, because it is such a great way of learning new skills. You choose your price, your instructor, your pace, and you can refer back to the material whenever you need to.

Unfortunately, within the money making niche, there are a TON of business models that people try to sell as get rich quick schemes. To name a few: Penny Stocks, Forex, Options, Crypto Currencies, Amazon FBA, Shopify, Ebay, Real Estate Wholesaling, & YouTube Automation. While there are certainly people succeeding in these (I’ve had great success in e-commerce), the scammers misrepresent the amount of effort required to be successful, and trick beginners into diving into something that they completely underestimate. Nearly everyone who is legitimate gets drowned out.

This has to do with a cognitive bias called…the Dunning–Kruger effect. If you want to read more on this effect, it’s fascinating. Check out these two articles: 1) https://tinyurl.com/y97fwjnn 2) https://tinyurl.com/ybkzxzys.

Essentially what that bias boils down to is this simple fact: People with little to no skill in a given area are very likely to overestimate their ability to succeed in that given area. This fact has been exploited mercilessly by gurus in the webinar course sales model. You’ve probably already seen these ads, but the exact formula goes like this:

1) Show an ad to someone who is watching a video on a business related topic, and therefore likely to be interested in entrepreneurship and starting a business. In this ad they will describe a cool business model you’ve never heard of and get you interested, but then tell you they don’t have enough time in the ad to explain it so you have to come to their “live” training (webinar) for the full explanation. Even if you click on the link at 3am, it’s still starting within an hour. Seem sketchy? It is.

2) Within this “live” webinar, they do everything in their power to convince you that it’s actually live, even though it’s prerecorded. BS such as “Oh let’s wait for everyone to come into the room… type yes in chat if you think you could make this work for you… wow I see a lot of yes’s coming in, great guys”

They will make sure to explain the business model entirely at a surface level so you understand how it works, but to such a basic degree that there’s zero chance you could actually go out there and replicate it for yourself.

3) Then, at the end of the training, they pitch you a $10,000 course that just so happens to be on sale for $1997 but OnLyYy for this webinar if you buy right now. This utilizes the left digit effect, where you tend to see the first number and round down, as well as adds urgency to prevent you from taking the time to think out your decision. Then they flash tons of testimonials across the screen and you experience another cognitive bias, fear of missing out (FOMO). “Oh all these people are making money…I don’t want to be the only one not to. Better buy now.”

Going back to the Dunning–Kruger effect, this webinar model sells to you right at the peak of mount stupid, with the most confidence and the least competence. You are most vulnerable here, because you’re excited from seeing everyone else’s results, you feel assured in your abilities with what you just learned plus what the paid course will teach you, and you don’t even think about the insane amount of work success will demand.

There’s a lot of red flags for scammers—you just have to look out for them. Do your research! Be skeptical.