Home Based Business Studies Done Right!

Who Wants to Know How a Working Father of Two Was Able to Leave His 6-Figure Day Job of 10 Years to DOUBLE his income while working HALF as much?

Could you use an extra $1000 per month? Over a year ago, I needed to earn an extra $1000 per month to pay the bills. I just had my second child, bought a new house and a couple of really nasty medical bills put us in the red every month. Still, I had a full-time job and needed to find some kind of income generating source that was flexible with my time and my budget. Does this sound familiar?

Do you wake up every morning for work dreading the upcoming day? Sure, your job pays the bills, but your passion for working is nearly nonexistent. Your boss nags you constantly and the pain and effort to ask for next Tuesday off to take your partner out for a nice lunch is nearly unbearable.

Who are all of these people that I keep reading about that are making a living on the internet, anyway?

I asked these questions. I pondered these thoughts. But I always said to myself…"What if!"

So I tried it! I bought a 50 page eBook and gave it a shot! The information was interesting and the concept of online marketing made a lot of sense. But I was not making money. Why? Looking back at my trials and tribulations of making money online, my problem was not with the concepts, but with the details. So many people are willing to tell you what to do to make money online but very few are going to tell you exactly how they do it.

"I think you did a great job in organizing the information and the overall design of the site. The videos are very clear and simple to understand (if you already have some basic knowledge) and I like the fact that you added a pdf doc along with it. I also like the fact that your not trying to sell us anything on the videos which is not the case with most internet marketers out there. I also like the fact that you show your own business model in the ecommerce video…" – Jeff G.

"I recently had the opportunity to join Tru-Guru. Tru-Guru is a comprehensive membership program covering all aspects of internet marketing. The program is ideal for both the beginner and for the more experienced internet marketer. I found the website easy to navigate and the videos very clear and easy to follow. The forums provide a lively interchange, and Matt is very kind giving of his knowledge and time." – Helene Z.

Internet Marketing is actually very real. And it is still in its infancy! The scam is not in its theory, but its application. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of people trying to sell you "that next best thing", but in reality it is still all the same. The people who do make money online keep making money for one main reason: they understand the concepts and they know how to apply the details. Most online money making programs are more than happy to share with you the concepts but few actually show you the details.

After three months of not making a cent off of internet marketing, I started to research and study what other successful online entrepreneurs were doing. I also started testing these methods to determine what works and what doesn’t. In the fourth month, I made my first sale. My fifth month, I made $200. My sixth month, I made $1200. This stuff really works!

With the new Web 2.0 era upon us, we have the opportunity to show you exactly what we do, step-by-step, click-by-click with screen capture recordings. Plus, we can offer screen shots and written commentary to demonstrate exactly what is going on. I am proud to say that Tru-Guru is one of the best and most thorough online money making programs currently on the internet. But don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself.

Simple: I know how this works. Not only have I been successful at making money online, but I have developed a solid reputation in the internet community as "TheWebReviewer". As TheWebReviewer, I have spent years reading every money making program I can find and testing every tool that I felt could be useful. I know what is out there, so for Tru-Guru, I take the best and most important aspects of all my research and my own successes (and failures) and bundle it together for Tru-Guru.

Consider Tru-Guru the "Best of the Best" and then a few steps beyond that. In Tru-Guru, I reveal my money making secrets and tools which brought me from a 9-to-5 working cog to a home based business entrepreneur working from home, making more money than ever, and living the lifestyle I have always dreamed!

Tru-Guru is not just about affiliate marketing. That is just a starting point for some. This is about so much more!

Understand that creating a home based business offers no advantages to anyone. If you have a computer, an internet connection and a bit of common sense, there is nothing from stopping you from succeeding…Except knowing HOW to do it.

Many advertised Type-At-Home programs are nothing more than watered-down Google Cash strategies. Understand that these strategies no longer work! As Google and the other Pay-Per-Click companies have evolved, the days of fast, easy earnings selling affiliate products directly on the PPC’s themselves are long gone. You cannot even promote these programs any more on Google Adwords because they are deemed to be fraudulent and misleading.

People are looking for an easy solution to making extra money from home and these Paid-to programs are attractive because they do seem so simple. The thought of having to build a website seems very technical or over-bearing to most people. This cannot be further from the truth! In fact, most online marketers that I…