Hand Holding Marketing

I assume you have arrived at this page because you are either new to the internet or you have been online for some time but not really getting anywhere.

Yeah I know there is so much to learn that sometimes it just becomes too much to take in. FTP, HTML, Squeeze pages, splash pages, squidoo lens, autoresponders, mailers and so on…

Looking back to when you first came online you thought that you could just quickly throw up a website and get on with developing it as you had planned!!!

Maybe you just want to have your own family website so that you can share with other members of your family and friends, or you want to earn a part time or even a full time income!

I know how you feel, simply because I was there myself but a few years ago, and I used to frustrate me not being able to get the job done.

It does not matter is you are 10 or 110. Age is not and should never be a barrier to getting an online presence. Heck I will be 58 soon so I know what its like to be faced with this daunting prospect.

Most people just cannot afford the professional costs that occur when you want to get your website up and running.

Yup they want $100’s of dollars just to give you a mediocre website, and then they try a fleece you for hosting your website, graphics, oh and plus they try and bamboozle you with science, just to warrant their fat bloated fee!

I will be sharing with you all that I have learned since 2005 so you can learn from my mistakes and rocket your online presence into the stratosphere…

I will sharing with you what works, what I have learnt and more importantly keeping you away from anything that flat out does not work. There will be no stone left unturned.

You will be using the same techniques, tools, methods and strategies that I use so I know you will get the same results.

As I discover new ways to build and drive my business I will be sharing these "Golden Nuggets" with you.

I love teaching people, it is my passion and it gives me great satisfaction when I see someone that I have helped getting their just rewards. I would love for it to do the same for you…

I want you to be armed with the right information, so with this in mind this is what you will get for only $9.97 per month Membership until such time as you cancel it. ( you can of course cancel this at ANY time ) The price will be going up however you guys will be locked in at this price for as long as you stay a member.

Each month you will be getting step by step instructions starting from just getting a website presence then moving you on through at a steady pace. We will be using the wordpress platform to build your website. It is a very versatile and search engine friendly platform, with features to help your online exposure.

This will ensure you do not get information overload and decide to quit. That’s right you will learn a system which is easy to follow and implement. This is not some hairy fairy scheme, no way!!!

You have found your safe haven there is no need to spend more time and hard earned Money jumping from product to product seeking only you know what. All I ask is that you…

P.P.S. Just confirming that you get a full 100% 60 day no questions ask refund. You will be able to cancel your membership at any time.

Answer: Immediately after payment you will be sent to a registration page to register as a member of our site. Then each month you will be able to access your content. There will also be updates and any "Golden Nuggets" that come to light added to your member area. So be sure to visit often, we would love to see you.

Answer: This is to ensure that it is accessible to every one at a price they can afford. This in no way affects the quality of the products that you will have access to. So it’s a win win situation for everyone.