Golden Webinars – Stephen Wolfram – "A New Fundamental Theory of Physics"

The ‘Golden Webinars in Astrophysics’ series seeks to bring forefront research in astronomy, astrophysics, and cosmology to the public. Our fourth speaker during the Golden Week of Webinars (8-12 June 2020) was Stephen Wolfram, who is the Founder and CEO of Wolfram Research and the Originator of the Wolfram Physics Project. The full title of his presentation was “A New Fundamental Theory of Physics and its Implications for Astrophysics & Cosmology”.

Dr. Stephen is a computational creator. Stephen Wolfram is the creator of Mathematica, Wolfram|Alpha and the Wolfram Language; the author of A New Kind of Science; the originator of the Wolfram Physics Project; and the founder and CEO of Wolfram Research. Over the course of more than four decades, he has been a pioneer in the development and application of computational thinking—and has been responsible for many discoveries, inventions and innovations in science, technology and business.

The panel of the June 11th, 2020 ‘Golden Webinar’ consisted of:
• Stephen Wolfram – speaker
• Patricio Gonzales – interpreter, patricio.gonzalez.interprete@gmail.com
• Thomas H. Puzia – co-host, faculty at IA
• Evelyn Johnston – co-host, postdoc at IA
• Gaspar Galaz – director of the Institute of Astrophysics (IA)
• Max Bañados – dean of the Faculty of Physics
• Ezequiel Treister – faculty at IA
• Demetra di Cicco – postdoc at IA
• Giuseppe D’Ago – postdoc at IA
• Paul Eigenthaler – postdoc at IA
• Sergio Best – graduate student at IA
• Simon Angel – graduate student at IA
• Ernesto Camacho – graduate student at IA
• Enrique Paillas – graduate student at IA
• Roberto Muñoz – Senior Data Scientist (Ernst & Young)
• Christopher Conselice – University of Nottingham, Lead Editor – Galaxies and Cosmology Corridor, AAS Journals
• Karl Glazebrook – Professor in the Centre for Astrophysics & Supercomputing at the Swinburne University of Technology, Australia
• John Blakeslee – Chief Scientist, Gemini Observatory
• Danielle Rommel – Chief PA, Wolfram Research
• Ricardo Acevedo – Q&A manager, outreach team IA
• Daniela Fernandez – Q&A manager, outreach team IA
• Carol Rojas – Q&A manager, head of outreach Las Campanas Observatory

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