Golden Webinars – Mike Brown – "How the Icy Asteroids of the Solar System point our Way to Planet 9"

The ‘Golden Webinars in Astrophysics’ series seeks to bring forefront research in astronomy, astrophysics, and cosmology to the public in the English and Spanish language. Our speaker of the Golden Webinar on June 30th, 2020 was Michael E. Brown, who is Rosenberg Professor of Planetary Astronomy at the California Institute of Technology.

Dr. Brown is working in the field of planetary science and is internationally known as the author of “How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming”, an award-winning, best-selling memoir of the discoveries leading to the demotion of Pluto as a planet. Dr. Brown scans the skies searching for and intensely studying distant bodies in our Solar System in the hope of gaining insight into how our planet and the planets around it came to be. He has discovered dozens of dwarf planets and is currently hot on the trail of Planet Nine – a hypothesized body that is possibly the fifth largest planet of our solar system. In 2012, he received the Kavli Prize in Astrophysics for his fundamental contributions.

The panel of the June 30th, 2020 ‘Golden Webinar’ consisted of:
• Michael E. Brown – speaker
• Patricio González – interpreter, patricio.gonzalez.interprete@gmail.com
• Thomas H. Puzia – co-host, faculty at the Institute of Astrophysics (IA)
• Evelyn Johnston – co-host, postdoc at IA
• Giuseppe D’Ago – postdoc at IA
• Sergio Best – graduate student at IA
• John Hibbard – Scientist, NRAO, Charlottesville
• Ricardo Acevedo – Q&A manager, outreach team IA
• Daniela Fernandez – Q&A manager, outreach team IA
• Carol Rojas – Q&A manager, head of outreach Las Campanas Observatory

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