Gold Killer Keywords

Let’s be very clear. Using keywords to substantially boost search engine ranking is not a new concept. Successful entrepreneurs and Internet marketing professionals have profited for many years using these simple concepts. They have done this because they have learned how to specifically choose keywords with easy success rates.

In other words, they have chosen Killer Keywords to literally transform their search engine rankings. They have also properly implemented these Killer Keywords in to their web site pages.

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My KILLER KEYWORDS instructional manual provides you with the best of both worlds: Finding and then Implementing keywords to your web pages, step-by-step, for maximum search engine positioning.

It’s all step-by-step so you need not worry about having years of expert experience. In fact, the KILLER KEYWORD manual was specifically written for the Joe or Jane web site owner. All you need is a desire to be successful.

This info-packed 5000 word manual is also loaded with detailed IMAGES based on an actual NEW web site as an example of how easy it is to receive outstanding results even if your web site is new or not doing so well online. It starts from scratch. No heavy technical experience required.

Discover the 10 steps to easily go from online frustration to online satisfaction – and say goodbye to your present online competition. They’ll be scratching their heads wondering how you did it so quickly.

Everything on the Internet that is Optimized such as web pages, blogs, articles, images, photos,etc. stands a much better chance of first page search engine positioning.

My article "Professional Article Writing" is ALWAYS on the top of the first page of Google. Not by chance or luck. By using keywords and knowing how to position these keywords. The image below shows the #1 top positioning on Google for an article I submitted to EzineArticles.com.

Why wait to start receiving first page ranking? You can discover for yourself the secrets and 10 practical steps in one short day and truly nail those top Google positions once and for all. These steps are for life. When you use them once, you will ALWAYS keep using them because they work EVERY SINGLE TIME!

Understand, search engines (Google and Yahoo) are not human. They make no conscious choices. They are programs. When you give them what their programming requires they will give you EXACTLY what you require. The bottom line is this: If you are a determined, success-minded person you cannot afford to ignore these 10 proven, practical steps!

Two Internet marketers are hiking in the desert. A hungry lion appears in front of them. The first Internet marketer quickly removes his hiking shoes and replaces them with running shoes. The second Internet marketer asks: "Do you honestly think you can out run a lion?"

The first Internet marketer replies, "I don’t need to out run the lion – I only need to out run you."

The Same Goes With Your Online Competition: You only need to be slightly better than your competition to receive the "lion’s share" of your market. Use the specialized knowledge that your competition refuses to use. The Killer Keywords manual will give you this knowledge.

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I look forward to providing you with my easy-to-use Gold Killer Keywords Manual and I wish you great success with your online ventures.

Rick Woolsey SEO and Internet Marketing Expert Owner of Online Today

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