FREE VIBAL GROUP WEBINARS SEPT 21-25, 2020 | Webinar Series

Student Organization, Interest Clubs, and Student’s Support Programs Webinar Series

This week, Join Vibal’s Student Organization, Interest Clubs, and Students Support Programs Webinar Series.
Learn how interest clubs, student organizations, and student support services can help students in developing a sense of independence and responsibility as well as improving their academic performance.
Here’s how:

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Using Blogs, Vlog, and other Online Platforms for Student Interest Clubs
September 21 (FORM 1): https://bit.ly/3mw9wKF
September 21 (FORM 2): https://bit.ly/32NsMf7

Homeroom for Distance Education
September 22 (FORM 1): https://bit.ly/2ZNcot6
September 22 (FORM 2): https://bit.ly/2RFRNSY

Continuing Support during Pandemic through Online Guidance and Counseling
September 23 (FORM 1): https://bit.ly/3hFJrFz
September 23 (FORM 2): https://bit.ly/2ZPKLj8

Teaching Music in the New Now
September 24 (FORM 1): https://bit.ly/32NtclH
September 24 (FORM 2): https://bit.ly/33B2k7u

Student Government Online: Student Leadership in Distance Learning
September 25 (FORM 1): https://bit.ly/32Ih5WV
September 25 (FORM 2): https://bit.ly/3cbJKqe

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